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Google Workspace for Affordable EMR 2.0 is here!

Safe, Secure, Easy, HIPAA Compliant EMR for as little as $7/month. Want to save hundreds of dollars a month and still have an easy to use, secure EMR System for your Clinic/Cash Based Practice?

Most EMR systems cost hundreds of dollars a month and may not even include scheduling or easy fax and online payment portals. Our system does and only costs as little as $5/month.

This is a sample of Using Google Forms for Online Patient Intake - Just one of the many new upgrades forGoogle Workspace for Inexpensive EMR 2.0!

Here's What You Get with Google Workspace for Inexpensive EMR 2.0

Best of all, these features are INCLUDED with your Google Workspace Account, not EXTRA!

Why pay more than what you have to and get locked into huge monthly subscriptions?

Here's what other clinicians have to say about our Inexpensive EMR 2.0 System!

Dr. Russell Manalastas - Mana Performance Therapy

Game changing!

"The Google Workspace 2.0 update has been an amazing resource for our practice. We have been using Google Workspace as an EMR tool since we opened our practice and the 2.0 update has taken our ability to streamline our back end and make things more efficient for our practice. The videos are very easy to follow, can be implemented right away, and does not take a lot of effort to add immediately to your practice. I would highly recommend this update to anyone who is looking for an easy way to utilize Google Workspace for their EMR." - Dr. Russ Manalastas PT, DPT, SCS, COMT, CSCS - Mana Performance Therapy

Dr. Sally Moores - Artemis Physical Therapy

Highly Recommended!

"As a sole proprietor and cash-based PT practice, I needed an easy and affordable solution. Dr E showed me how to implement this amazing solution." - Dr. Sally Moores -

Dr. Kyle Coffey - Lead Instructor Modern Strength Training

Super Helpful!

"The information about HIPAA compliance is super important and helpful.

Literally for about $5-25 per month with all the services you mention, you have your business." - Dr. Kyle Coffey, DPT -

#1 Option for #CashPT Practices!

"I've researched most of the other EMR systems and did not find anything that was quicker, easier or as inexpensive than my system of using paper for documentation. For my cash-based practice I don't need someone to 'scrub' my notes and generate codes for insurance reimbursement. Since consulting with Erson and implementing his system I now save a ton of time and energy. It's something I now recommend to all my private coaching clients and #BizPT followers." Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT, RYT - Dr. Aaron LeBauer, DPT -

Learn our Google Workspace for Inexpensive EMR 2.0 System Now! You can get it up and running in a day!

Watch our webinar, get our step by step checklist

Why you need to use Google Apps for EMR

It's Secure

EMR usually requires several levels of security. We go over how to enable 2 factor authentication, secure your workspace and more! You know all those spammy emails you get from your friend's yahoo accounts? Does that ever happen with Google's gmail for work or personal?

It's Easy to Use

If you can use MS Word, or Google Docs. Can perform an online search, and can type, you can use our step by step process on automating your workflow using this system! If not, we can help you through it live through online sessions!

It's Affordable

Depending on the options you choose the monthly fees can range from $9/month to $30/month. You can't beat those prices for EMR, plus scheduling, payment processing, exercise resources, online intake forms and more!